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Used Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver

In Stock

Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver sale with GSM Modem and UHF Radio, Tilt Sensor. Fully tested, inspected and calibrated by Trimble authorized, ready to working to survey and works flawlessy condition

Used Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver description

Used Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver for sale with GSM Modem and UHF Radio, Tilt Sensor, GSM modem, 430-470 MHz UHF radio. This used Trimble R10 has been shop tested, inspected and calibrated by Trimble authorized service. Everything still is in excellent ready to working to survey and works flawlessy condition.

This is the new model of Trimble R10 GNSS System, designed to help surveyors in a wide range of industries work more effectively and productively, the Model 2 enables reliable, fast and accurate collection of survey data in the field

Used Trimble R10 sale packages:

  • Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver with GSM Modem and UHF Radio, Tilt Sensor
  • 2x Trimble R10 Batteries
  • Trimble R10 Dual Charger
  • Trimble R10 Quick Release Adapter and Carrier
  • Trimble Hard Case

If you would like to set up powerfull Base Rover System, we also have for sale Trimble R10 GNSS RTK RTN Rover, both Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver's pair as completed Trimble R10 Base Rover System included Trimble TSC7 controller and Access 2018 field software

Enhancements of the Trimble R10 Model 2 GNSS System:

  • The latest and most advanced custom Trimble survey GNSS ASIC with 672 GNSS channels for unrivaled GNSS constellation tracking, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and IRNSS as well as the full range of SBAS. The Trimble R10 Model 2 tracks and processes all of today's available GNSS signals and is designed to support planned GNSS signals and systems that may be launched in the future.
  • Improved reliability against sources of interference and spoofed signals.
  • Improved power management to increase battery life and operating time in the field on average by 33 percent.
  • Increased internal memory (6 GB) to store more than 10 years of raw observations.
  • Support for Android and iOS platforms to allow organizations with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments to benefit from a premium survey GNSS receiver by using the mobile devices their field crews already have in their pockets.

The new features build on the Trimble R10's core technologies, which include the Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine that enables points to be quickly measured with confidence, Trimble SurePoint technology for precise positioning capture and full tilt compensation, Trimble xFill technology for centimeter-level positioning during GNSS outages, and support for Trimble CenterPoint RTX corrections for RTK level precision worldwide.

Advanced GNSS rover system

The Trimble R10 Model 2 supports the recently released Trimble TSC7 controller and Trimble Access 2018 field software. The Trimble R10, in combination with the TSC7's large 7-inch screen and faster processing power plus Trimble Access 2018's new user interface and graphics capabilities, gives surveyors a superior, comprehensive solution for collecting and computing data in the field.

These improvements ensure the Trimble R10 remains one of the most current and relevant GNSS survey solutions on the market today, said Olivier Casabianca, director of global marketing for Trimble Geospatial. By providing a powerful rover system such as the R10 Model 2, TSC7 controller and Access 2018 field software, Trimble continues its legacy of unmatched GNSS expertise and knowledge to advance the capabilities of surveyors around the world

Simple user guide and instructions for how to set up and operate the Trimble R10 Model 2 GNSS system

  • Unpack and check the contents
  • Charge batteries fully and insert the battery and SIM card into the receiver. Attach the quick release adapter and radio antenna with SMA connector (receiver models with internal radio only
  • Turn on the receiver
  • In the field, collect GNSS data with the Trimble AccessTM field software running on a Trimble controller

What's includes on the Trimble R10 Model 2 original box

The number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 represents the contents

  • 1 Transport case (for one receiver)
  • 2 Transport case (for two receivers)
  • 3 Trimble R10 Model 2 receiver(no internal UHF radio or internal UHF radio)
  • 4 Dual battery charger with battery slot inserts (power supply and power cord kit sold separately)
  • 5 Rechargeable Battery (x2)
  • 6 Quick release adapter
  • 7 UHF radio antenna with SMA connector (receiver models with internal radio only)
  • 8 USB office data and power  Y-cable (7P Lemo-to-USB-A male and power)
  • 9 USB field data cable (7P Lemo-to-USB-A female)



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