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Topcon IS-3 Imaging Total Station

In Stock

Topcon IS-3 Imaging Total Station for sale, 3” Accuracy, new 2 Year Topcon Warranty, sale including accessories

Topcon IS-3 Imaging Total Station description

Topcon IS-3 Imaging Total Station for sale, 3” Accuracy, new 2 Year Topcon Warranty, including accessories

Topcon IS-3 sale includes:

  • Topcon IS-3 3” Accuracy Imaging Robotic Total Station, 2.4 GHz Spectrum Radio + Wi-Fi
  • 2x Digital Camera internal, Wide Angle and Tele-Zoom
  • Card slot for Compact Flash cards
  • Bluetooth for wireless data transmission
  • Wi-Fi (WLAN) and wireless data transmission image, Broadband Wireless
  • Serial interface RS-232C, Port and USB mini USB
  • Tripod put supplementary terminal
  • 2x BT-65Q, Li-Ion battery rechargeable, 1x BC-30D Double charger BT-65Q
  • 12V Car adapter cable 5m
  • Small parts, tool, cloth and raincover and transport case

Topcon IS-3 instrument takes volumetrics, as-built measurements, and monitoring from the lens to your fingertips. The power, accuracy, and speed of a total station with the auto-scanning capabilities. Topcon IS-3 combines the best of two worlds, advanced imaging and high-accuracy surveying, incorporating real-time field imagery with spatial data. The IS-3 powerful functionality is controlled using Topcon exclusive ImageMaster software that produces ”photography with dimension”, a revolutionary and cost effective alternative to laser scanning.

Long range scanning

Nobody can provide the combination of laser scanning and robotic surveying like Topcon with the IS-3. With the long non-prism range of up to 2,000 m, the robotic instrument can now scan long distances as well. Mining and monitoring applications can be accomplished with the IS-3.

Remote networking

The IS-3 has WLAN capability and can be controlled remotely. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your office or vehicle and being able to scan, measure, control, and see what the IS-3 is seeing.

Continuous monitoring

With a Wi-Fi connection, image-based monitoring can be done continuously and remotely. Whether done with mounted prisms or reflectorlessly, this monitoring function compliments the everyday use function of our robotic surveying. The IS-3 features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology making continuous monitoring easy.


  • Wide angle and 30x Through the Lens (TTL) twin camera imaging solution
  • Fast iSCAN routines
  • X-TRAC8™ auto-tracking to stay on target
  • Class 1 reflectorless measurements out to 2Km
  • Remote live video directly to the hand held field controller out to a 300m range
  • Scanning, imaging and robotic total station
  • Two digital cameras – wide angle and tele-zoom
  • Long range scanning
  • Dual communication 2.4 GHz radio and Wi-Fi
  • 2,000 m reflectorless measurement

IS-3 series Specifications

Angle Measurement

  • Accuracy: 1”, 3”, 5” (0.3mgon)
  • Compensation: ±6 ft. (1.8m)

Distance Measurement

  • Prism EDM Range
    • 1 prism 9,840 ft. (3,000m)
    • 3 prism 13,120 ft. (4,000m)
    • 9 prism 16,400 ft. (5,000m)


  • Interface: Full Color, Touch-screen
  • Processor: Intel PXA255 400Mhz, Microsoft Windows® CE.NET 4.2
  • Camera: (2) 1.3mp
  • Image Speed: 1-10 FPS
  • Scanning Max: 20 pts/sec

Topcon IS Imaging Station package includes:

  • CABLE, F-25 USB Cable, F-25USB
  • BC-30D Dual Battery Charger (120v)
  • - BT-65Q Battery (QS, IS, 7500, 750)
  • Lens Cap
  • Plumbing Bob F1/F2/M3/EDM
  • Hood


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