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Geooslam ZEB Vision Kit

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Geooslam ZEB Vision Kit for sale including camera, ethernet cable, ZEB Horizon hard case and GeoSLAM Connect Vision workflow and 1-year Geoslam warranty

Geooslam ZEB Vision Kit description

Geooslam ZEB Vision Kit for the ZEB Horizon and ZEB Horizon RT scannerfor, sale including camera, ethernet cable, ZEB Horizon hard case and GeoSLAM Connect Vision workflow and 1-year Geoslam warranty.

Better than ever colourisation to contextualise your point cloud. With simple and easy deployment, the ZEB Vision attaches quickly to the ZEB Horizon to capture colourised data and 360° panoramic images in minutes. The 4K resolution increases feature definition of objects within the point cloud, allowing for a new perspective on data by navigating within a virtual representation of an environment. All the photos and data you capture are all owned and managed by you, keeping it safe, simple and secure.

How to colorize point cloud data

  • Step 1: Using the ZEB Vision accessory with the ZEB Horizon, users can achieve RGB colourisation by simply walking and scanning the area of interest. The camera will capture two images per second (1 from the front camera and 1 from the rear camera).
  • Step 2: The workflow is divided into four simple processes: Process SLAM, Image Stitching, Image Positioning, and Colourisation. These procedures can be completed within the GeoSLAM Connect interface without the need for separate geoscripts.
  • The result: The time synchronisation between the images and the LiDAR data in the ZEB Vision is accurate to <100th of a second, giving excellent alignment between the pointcloud and the imagery. The result is a detailed, RGB colourised point cloud.

Who’s using the ZEB Vision: Add real-world context to point clouds for the creation of CAD/BIM models for industries such as:

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Facilities and asset management

A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the ZEB Vision?

The ZEB Vision is a camera accessory for the ZEB Horizon system that can be used to capture 360° panoramic photography in 4K definition for point cloud colourisation. Data is captured as the user walks through the area of interest. It uses GeoSLAM’s leading SLAM algorithm to automatically and accurately position panoramic photos on a point cloud for an interactive viewing experience.
I already have a ZEB Horizon.

Will this be compatible with the ZEB Vision?

Yes. The ZEB Vision can be retrofitted to and used with any existing ZEB Horizon system. Customers will need a valid GeoSLAM Care package in place to access the latest features of Connect including the ZEB Vision workflow. 

If you need to renew your GeoSLAM Care you can request a quote here.

What is included in a shipment of the ZEB Vision? The items included in the shipment are:

  • ZEB Vision camera with mounting plate
  • Ethernet cable to download images from the camera to a PC after capture
  • Screw Accessory Kit
  • Software module for GeoSLAM Connect to view ZEB Vision data, automatic colourisation, immersive walk throughs of the data, and for taking measurements from the point cloud

If a ZEB Vision is purchased with a ZEB Horizon, then all of the components of that system will be shipped alongside the items listed above.

Is the ZEB Vision shipped in a hard or soft case?

The ZEB Vision is shipped in the new ZEB Horizon hard case. This contains a new foam insert which allows users to carry their scanner, datalogger, camera and cables in a single carry case.

Will my existing ZEB Horizon need updating to work with the ZEB Vision?

There is a requirement of a software update on the Horizon scanner head but this can be done remotely and will not require systems to be returned to the UK or a local Service Centre.

If the ZEB Vision is purch

ased as a separate accessory, it will need to be calibrated before being used. Please consult the calibration instructions (available on GeoSLAM Academy) or contact GeoSLAM Support for further information.

How do I download the photos captured using the ZEB Vision?

An ethernet cable is provided in the shipment alongside the ZEB Vision camera. Once your data capture is complete, this cable is connected to the camera and a PC in order to directly download the photos taken.

Can I view the photos of ZEB Vision camera in GeoSLAM Connect?

Yes. Once the ZEB Vision data has been processed in Connect by using corresponding workflows or tools, the Connect Viewer provides a ‘walk-through’ bubble view for viewing the point cloud and panoramic images.

Is ZEB Vision supported under my existing GeoSLAM Care package?

Yes – any support you need within GeoSLAM Connect is covered in your GeoSLAM Care contract. You will find all the help you need via the regular GeoSLAM Care support channels.

However, if a ZEB Vision camera is purchased as an accessory for an existing ZEB Horizon, and the GeoSLAM Care package has expired for the Horizon system, customers will need to renew their Care contract in order to access the latest version of Connect that contains the ZEB Vision workflow. You can request a quote for GeoSLAM Care here.

I am already using GeoSLAM Connect. Can my existing licence be used to process ZEB Vision data?

Yes. The ZEB Vision workflow will be a standard feature in Connect so there is no need to change or update your licence.

Is hardware warranty included with ZEB Vision?

Yes. Warranty for the ZEB Vision hardware will be valid for one year from the date of shipping. This warranty will be valid as long as the GeoSLAM Care contract that the ZEB Horizon system the camera is associated with is maintained.

I currently have a ZEB Cam with my Horizon. Can I upgrade to the ZEB Vision?

Yes. Please contact your local GeoSLAM Dealer or Channel Manager as this is a separate product.

Can I use my ZEB Cam for Horizon alongside the ZEB Vision?

No. The ZEB Vision uses both of the AUX connection ports on the sides of the ZEB Horizon scanner. Therefore it isn’t possible to connect the ZEB Vision and ZEB Cam to the scanner at the same time.

Does the ZEB Vision workflow come as standard with GeoSLAM Connect 2.1?

Yes, however this will only be compatible with data captured using the ZEB Vision hardware.

Can the ZEB Vision be used on a UAV?

No, there is currently no mounting option for a ZEB Horizon with Vision on a UAV.

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