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Used GeoSLam ZEB-HORIZON 3D Scanner

In Stock

Used GeoSLam ZEB-HORIZON for sale, still like new, been used as demonstration by trained only. Everything still in excellent perfect working condition, includes GeoSLAM Hub & Draw Start license

Used GeoSLam ZEB-HORIZON 3D Scanner description

Beside providing brand new GeoSLam ZEB-HORIZON, we also providing used GeoSLam ZEB-HORIZON as great alternatives to expand business without a huge capital investment

For sale used GeoSLam ZEB-HORIZON, like new and everything still in excellent perfect physical condition. Only been used as demonstration by trained engineer, has been shop test routine by authorize GeoSLam service to be ready to working to scan condition

Package includes:

  • ZEB-HORIZON scanner
  • ZEB-HORIZON HDD datalogger (CPU)
  • ZEB-HORIZON Cables Set
  • ZEB-HORIZON Battery pack
  • GeoSLAM Hub & Draw Start license
  • USB3 memory stick containing Installation & User Guide
  • ZEB-HORIZON Backpack
  • Additional ZEB-CAM-HORIZON
  • 1 year extended hardware warranty
  • 1 year extended GeoSLAM Hub & Draw Start software support

The ZEB HORIZON offers outstanding visibility and can capture intricate measurements from up to 100m, its lightweight and compact design also makes it great for indoor and outdoor surveys.

Powerful performance

Harnessing GeoSLAM’s powerful SLAM (Simultaneous, Localisation And Mapping) technology, the ZEB-HORIZON can be used in outdoor areas with limited GPS signal, such as underground or in dense forest environments.

With a collection rate of 300,000 points per second and an accuracy of 1-3cm (depending on what scan environment), the ZEB-HORIZON is also ideal for those working in construction, architecture, engineering and surveying.

The versatility of the ZEB-HORIZON allows data to be collected for all projects including 2D floor plan generation, 3D volumetric calculations, measured building calculations, scan-to-BIM and object identification. The simple ‘walk-and-scan’ method of data collection, allows even the most inexperienced operator to create accurate results at speed.

Complete versatility

The versatility of the scanner allows the system to be used in combination with different equipment to suit any type of survey, including:

  • Aerial surveys when mounted on a UAV for difficult-to-reach or potentially hazardous locations.
  • Underground surveys using the GeoSLAM Cradle to reach more difficult to access areas such as through manholes.
  • Increased-range surveys when attached to an extendable pole, which also allows access to higher, inaccessible areas like ceiling voids.

Technical Specification

  • Range: 100m
  • Protection Class: IP54
  • Scanner Weight: 1.3kg
  • Points per Second: 300,000
  • Relative Accuracy: 1 - 3cm
  • Raw Data File Size: 100-200MB a minute
  • Processing: Post Processing
  • Battery Life (scanner): 3.5hrs

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Used GeoSLam ZEB-HORIZON 3D Scanner