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Leica GMX910 GNSS Smart Antenna

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Leica GMX910 Smart Antenna The affordable smart antenna for deformation monitoring

Leica GMX910 GNSS Smart Antenna description

With limited budgets, monitoring equipment now has to do a lot more for a lot less. The Leica GMX910 offers monitoring specialists a smart, flexible and cost-effective antenna, equipped with high-end GNSS technology. From static long-term to dynamic high-frequency projects, the GMX910 exceeds monitoring demands – today and tomorrow.

Versatile monitoring all-rounder

The Leica GMX910 is a dedicated monitoring smart antenna designed for continuous operations. Built with flexibility in mind, it is adaptable and upgradable. Monitoring professionals of critical projects can easily create an antenna that suits their needs. From static long-term to dynamic high-frequency projects, the Leica GMX910 is an all-in-one performer.

Future-proof GNSS technology

Exceeding GNSS signal needs today and tomorrow by supplying 555 GNSS channels, the Leica GMX910 monitoring receiver is future-proof, reliably delivering the highest quality results 24/7. It is an affordable, high quality antenna equipped with cutting-edge GNSS technology. Specialists are guaranteed timely and accurate information on the status of sensitive structures to detect and react to potential problems.

Monitoring solution

Fully integrated in the Leica GeoMoS deformation solution, with seamless connection to Leica GNSS Spider, professionals have one provider for all their monitoring needs. The Leica GMX910 can be easily combined with various monitoring sensors and softwares. Streaming highly reliable GNSS data around-the-clock to monitoring applications of critical man-made or natural structures enables those responsible to have peace-of-mind.



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